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No bids were submitted for two projects at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) yesterday.The bids dealt with the procurement of cubicles for the High Court Registries in Georgetown and New Amsterdam; while the other was for the supply and delivery of antiretroviral (ARV) under the Ministry of Health.Meanwhile,Gabriel Arsenal Jersey UK, there were bids submitted for the National Communications Network (NCN) for the provision of security services. The bids are as follows:BiddersAmountAmazon Security and Investigation Services$6, 584,160R.K’s Security Services$24, 436,328Strategic Action Security Services$20, 003,280There was also a lone bid for the supply and delivery and installation of one photocopier for NCN. The bid was:BidderAmountCCS Guyana Ltd$896,000Another lone bid was submitted for the rehabilitation of air conditioning system ductwork at the operating theater, Maternity Building under the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation:BidderAmountK. Phillips Trading and Repairs$1, 260, 000Meanwhile, March 6th, 2012 the NPTAB opened bids for the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) for the procurement of agriculture supplies (including veterinary drugs, breeding animal and fertilisers). The bids were divided into four lots and were as follows:BiddersAmountH. Dhanraj Woodworking Estab.$79,Shea Weber Canadiens Jersey,458,500     (Lots 1 to 4)Ishmael Mohammed$54, 142,000   (Lot 1)Mohammed Jafar$322, 490,000 (Lots 1 to 4)Bids were also opened for the procurement of medical supplies for the Guyana Defence Force (GDF).  The bids were submitted for in three lots:BiddersAmountMeditron Scientific Sales$6,Alex Ovechkin Capitals Jersey, 561, 888 (Lot 3)Trading and Distribution Inc$34, 662, 486 ( Lot 1)K.B Enterprise$14, 840, 000 (Lot 1)$8, 607, 200   (Lot 2)$1, 404, 000   (Lot 3)R.P Medical Import$36, 034, 840 (Lot 1)International Pharmaceutical Agency (IPA)$29, 094, 460 (Lot 1)$5, 310, 192   (Lot 2)$5, 677, 480   (Lot 3)Kanika Enterprise Inc$16, 197, 116 (Lot 2)The Guyana Defence Force (GDF) also attracted bids for the procurement of vehicles spares that were divided into 12 lots. The bids were:BiddersAmountAutobarn$2, 222, 810   (Lot 2)R.R.T Enterprise$89, 978, 760 (Lots 1 to 12)Car Care EnterpriseTotal  not includedThe National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) under the Ministry of Agriculture received two tenders for the supply of one 425 horsepower diesel engine. The estimate cost was given at $11,500,000 and the bids were:BiddersAmountMachinery Inc. of Guyana$9, 522, 250General Equipment Guyana Ltd.$11, 400, 000NPTAB also opened bids for the provision of land transportation for GDF. The bids which were divided into six lots were as follows:BiddersAmountMichael Branch$2, 755, 590 (Lot 2)Simmel Joseph$504, 160     (Lot 3)Daman Singh$570, 106     (Lot 2)Nazim Rahim Taylor$557, 284     (Lot 2)Winston Brown$72, 205       (Lot 4)Dexter Bond$2, 127, 200 (Lots 1 to 6….bids were submitted in pencil)Jewan Ram Khanderu$542, 500      (Lot 2)John Lamhorn$163, 200      (Lot 5)Akbar Khan$504, 160      (Lot 3)Joel Steven$4, 716, 000  (Lot 3)Phillip Patterson$160,Wholesale China Jerseys, 011      (Lot 5)George JarvisDid not indicate a total for lots 1 and 2Anthony Kanto$2, 040, 230  (Lots 1,2,5)Cheong Brazilio$589, 510      (Lot 2)Arnold Salomon$163, 594       (Lot 5)Vickram Mahadeo$557, 579       (Lot 2)Wesley Johnson$550, 378       (Lot 2)Boyen BostonDid not submit a total amountReginald Johnson$72, 000         (Lot 4)Pawan singh$570, 081       (Lot 2)GDF Co-op$127, 403       (Lot 1)$10, 062         (Lot 4)Edward Wong Trucking Service$255, 400       (Lot 6)Sasha Persaud$1, 826, 935   (Lot 2)$452,Kyle Brodziak Jersey, 280       (Lot 5)Rohan Kissoon Mechanic Services$555, 410       (Lot 2)R.K.A Construction$3, 560,000    (Lot 1)Eon Hamilton$363, 310       (Lot 5)Heralall Sookram$1, 205, 356   (Lot 2)Dexter Sealy$453, 790       (Lot 3)Meanwhile, bids were also submitted under the Ministry of Education for the provision of Security for the Ministry Lots 1-14. The bids are as followed:BiddersAmountCustomize Security Ltd.$17, 249, 016 (Bid for lot 13 alone)Strategic Action Security Ltd$117, 378, 358 (Bid for lots 1 to 14)Intern Service Enterprise$30, 643, 492 (Bids for lots 1, 2,Tom Barrasso Penguins Jersey, 5, 7, 11, 12 and 14)R.K.’s Security Services$97, 151, 780 (Lots 1 to 14…does not include VAT)Homesafe Security and Domestic Service$91, 889, 220 (Lots 1 to 14…not VAT inclusive)

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