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標題: Bill Walton College Jersey Head of government’s Health Sector Unit [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt1Fkx    時間: 2017-8-19 15:57     標題: Bill Walton College Jersey Head of government’s Health Sector Unit

Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer,Jose Pedro Fuenzalida Jersey, Michael Khan,Connor Hellebuyck Team North America Jersey, has stated that the hospital spent $60M to house its newly installed Hydroclave Sterilization System.It also spent US$1.2 million to procure the hydroclave system and a waste collection truck.However,Andre Schurrle Jersey, a conservative estimate of construction works and possible related expenses put the project millions of dollars below the cost cited by the hospital’s Chief.Khan, who was unable to provide an immediate breakdown of how the $60M was spent, said that the money was used to construct the 50ft x 20ft shed for the equipment and a 20ft x 12ft storage room for waste.That cost also includes airfare from Canada to Guyana for a consultant and training of staff to operate the equipment. Nonetheless, the quotation from Hydroclave Canada for the exact model Hydroclave H-150 System stated that training and commissioning were included in the equipment cost.During a tour of the facility recently, this publication was assured that the shed, air-conditioned waste holding room,Pablo Hernandez Jersey, electrical works, gantry to run steam pipe, and a hot water system cost $25M.The hospital did not have to put in a boiler, which would have inflated the cost even further.It was not until,, this publication conducted an interview with Keith Burrowes,, Head of government’s Health Sector Unit, that it was disclosed that the hospital spent $60M on the construction of the facility.Burrowes was responsible for procuring the Hydroclave Sterilization System and waste collection truck with funding from the World Bank at a cost of US$1.2M. This aspect of the project has also raised eyebrows since a quotation from the company reveals that the Hydroclave system costs US$762,865.

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